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Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University,Gorakhpur
Marching Towards Excellence
Examination Notice

Deen Dayal Upadhaya Gorakhpur University

Department of Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology

Jawahar Lal Nehru Centre For Biotechnology
Review of X Plan Implementation and Assessment
Of Requirement of XI Plan

1. Name of the University : Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University

2. Name of The Department :Jawahar Lal Nehru Centre For Biotechnology 
(Earlier Department of Biotechnology)
3. Year of Establishment :2000

5. Number of Students who applied and got admission in various courses in last three year :




M. Phil.

Ph. D.



354 17


2005-2006 391 27 54 07
2006-2007 406 38

6. When was the syllabus last revised by the deptt. : In the year 2006
7. Non-Teaching Staff:

Designation Pay Scale Qualification Nature of Duty
Mr. Anil Kumar Pandey Office Clerk 3050-75-3950-80-4590 M.A. , B.Ed. Office Assistant
Mr. Harishchandra Yadav Lab-Bearer 2550-55-2660-60-3200 10th Class Clearing & Maintenance of Lab
Mr. Rajesh Gaur Attendant 2550-55-2660-60-3200 B.A. Office Work (Mail assistant :
Mr. Wazir Ahmad Sweeper 2550-55-2660-60-3200 8th Class Sweeper
  1. Teaching Staff:
Name Designation Qualification Teaching Load in Clock hrs per week No. of research students working for Ph.D. No. of Research papers published in journals during X plan Number of Courses attended during X Plan Conferences, Workshop, Symposia attended during X Plan
Dr. Dinesh Raj Modi Reader Ph.D. On leave 06 03 - 01
Dr. Dinesh Yadav Lecturer Ph.D. On leave 04 01 -
Dr. Sarad Kumar Mishra Lecturer Ph.D. 18 04 02 03 01 04
Dr. Jagtar Singh Lecturer Ph.D On leave -- 02 -

9. Building : 

Total = 21,000 Sq. Ft. Approx

Total Area of the Department in Sq. Ft. :  Ground Floor = 11,000 Sq. Ft.
1st Floor = 10,000 Sq. ft.  
Total Laboratory area of the Department in Sq. Ft. : 600 Sq. ft. (Approx.)

10.Books and Journals :

No. of Books on the subject in
National Journal Subscribed International Journals Subscribed
Central Library Departmental Library


659 Books
  1. Current Science
  2. Journal of Mycology & Plant Pathology
  3. Resonance
  1. Nature- Drug Discovery
  2. Biotechniques

11. Equipments :





Name of the equipments in the Deptt. Worth Rs. One lakh and above along with the cost

Name of the equipment purchased in the X Plan worth Rs. One Lakh and above.

Percent utilization of equipments

Whether the equipments is also used by other Deptts./ colleges / other outside agencies . Give details

  1. UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  2. Ice Flaker Machine
  3. Kirloskar Silent DG Set.
  4. Refrigerated Centrifuge 2
  5. Gel Doc System
  6. Thermocycler
  7. Inverted Microscope
  8. Western Blot Unit

100 %

Yes, Sister Departments in the University

12. Whether all teacher are provided room. cubical and necessary furniture

Type of accommodation
No. of Teacher provided such accommodation
Independent cubical/ room

Room on twin sharing basis

Room on sharing basis

All faculty members



13. Whether the department is identified by UGC as (DRS/DSA/CAS) , if yes since when & Level. NO

  1. Whether the department organized any national international seminar / symposia/workshop etc. during X plan (If yes, give details ) : 03 National
  2. PCR Diagnosis of Tuberculosis on 6th April, 2003
  3. Challenges and opportunities in Biotechnology in Uttar Pradesh in 2004.
  4. Sustainable Management of Medicinal Plants from 29-30 July , 2006.
  5. Organic farming a new strategy of Agriculture 6-7 May-2004

01 International

  1. Current issues in Zoology & Environmental Science from 11-13th Nov. 2006.
  1. Whether the department organized any training programme of industry/community etc. during X Plan. (If yes give detatil :  NO

  1. Whether the department has undertaken any consultancy work during X plan (if yes, give details) : NO
  1. Whether any research project has been undertaken in the last five years (if yeas , give details) NO

Name of the Teacher Title of the Project Duration Funding Agency Amount

(The department was established in the academic year 2000-2001, and the building of the department was made available for occupation only in March 2002).

  1. Whether the Department received any grants from various schemes of the UGC (if yes, give details ) : NO
  2. Whether any financial assistance was received from sources other than UGC (if yes, give details) Yes.

02 Lakhs from Amrita Kaur charitable Trust

  1. What are the essential facilities the department needs during XI plan (please give justification )

Infrastructure (Building )
Extension of present building for provisions of different rooms namely.

  1. Biotechnology Application Centre
  2. Animal House
  3. Glass House
  4. Biotechnology Application Centre :

In order to cater services of biotechnology to the common public and to train manpower in critical and applied areas of biotechnology a Biotechnology Application Centre is proposed which will undertake the programmes of diagnostic of infectious diseases, Environmental Biotechnology, Food Biotechnology.

  1. Animal House :

To support research in areas of Animal Cell Culture, Virology, Animal Biotechnology and Immunology.

  1. Glass House :

To Provide controlled environment for adaptation of tissue culture/ transgenic plants.

Equipments : 
The discipline of Biotechnology is technique intensive course and therefore the teaching/ training is heavily dependent on sophisticated equipments. The thrust of research of the faculty members is planned to be in the areas of Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Industrial, Environment & Agricultural, Immunology , Virology, Animal Cell Culture and Bioprocess Engineering for which following equipments are required as given in Table 1. The requirement of the proposed equipments is essential for effective and efficient practical teaching of M.Sc. Biotechnology programme and research as the department is in the initial phase of establishment. 
TaBle 1 : Justification for equipment grant proposal (119.5 Lakhs) under UGC XIth Plan.

Equipment Approx Cost (Lakhs) Justification
1 Liquefied Petroleum GAS (LPG) lab connection 3.0 Routine lab works as this will save recurring expenses.
2. Audio-Visual Aids 2.0 Efficient teaching, research and extension activities
3. Fluorescent Microscope with photographic accessories 10.0 Identification /detection of microbial strain, protoplast culture by labeling them with fluorescent Abs using immuno-fluorescent procedure
4. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) 12.0 Purification of proteins, enzymes, harmones etc.
5. Fermenator (Bench-top) 10.0 Large-scale production of microbial culture of industrially importance under controlled conditions and study of their products.
6. Lyophilizer 5.0 Sample preparation, long term storage of microbial/plant/animal samples.
7. Sonicator 2.0 Isolation, purification and characterization of cytoplasmic constituents for invitro studies.
8. Ultracentrifuge (Table-top) 15.0 Molecular level studies i.e. isolation and purifucation of cellular organelles/ nucleic acid etc.
9. Spectrophotometer 10.0 Quantitative estimation and characterization of various biomolecules
10. Gas Liquid Chromatography (GLC) 5.0 Analysis of various metabolites, biological samples, assays etc.
11. -80oC deep freezer 5.0 Long term storage of biological samples/biochemical enzymes /cells /strains etc.
12. Liquid Scintillation Counter 10.0 Radiolabelled/radiotracer studies in biological samples under investigation.
13. Ultra filtration Unit 3.0 Concentration of Various biomolecules like proteins, enzymes etc.
14. CO‑2 Incubator 5.0 Providing anaerobic optimum conditions for animal cell lines/ cultures etc.
15. Liquid nitrogen plant 6.0 Preservations of biological samples and also in isolation of genomic DNA from plants
16. Slide Projector with PC (LCD) 1.0 Efficient presentation , documentation and extension for purpose of teaching.
17. Incubator Shaker 5.5 Mass-Culturing of Microbial strains under controlled conditions.
18. Millipore Filtration Unit (Milli)Q) 5.0 Large-scale production of filtered deionized ultrapure water for molecular biology experiments.
19. Eppendorf-Biophotometer 5.0 Rapid and reliable analysis of double stranded /single stranded DNA/RNA, proteins and bacterial cell density measurements.

  1. Whether the university is using new teaching method like, instructional television, instructional Radio, computer aided instruction, programmed teaching team teaching etc. (give details) : NO
  1. Any special contribution of the department : Yes

The Centre has signed a MOU with DNA Technologies , USA in the process of establishment a center named Molecular Diagnostic Lab . Has organized various national & Internationals Seminars.

Honourable Chancellor

Shri Ram Naik

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Dr. Prithvish Nag

Vice Chancellor

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Departmental Notice