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Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

Computer Science and IT industry have emerged out as a very fast growing fields of knowledge. Numerous other related branches like communication, electronics, mechanics etc. have acquired a new get-up linking up with computers and software and thereby developing an entirely new branch of engineering, reengineering and reverse engineering as 'Software Engineering'.  Information technology integrates a wide spectrum of knowledge and skill ranging from the design of computer hardware, software systems and telecommunications to the impact of information technology on society. The Objectives of the center are :


1. To conduct professional undergraduate and postgraduate courses in informatics and communication covering their different aspects.


2. To create an interdisciplinary center of informatics related to applied sciences, social sciences, humanities and other various institutions interested in the advancement of knowledge in communication and information technology.


3. To establish a software development center and to conduct research in the field of information science and communication.

The Department aims to impart high end courses integrating information technology for graduate students with physics, mathematics, electronics background and application of information technology for students in biological sciences, bio-informatics, social sciences and humanities.

Department of Computer Science and Computer Center imparts teaching of Undergraduate and Post -Graduate Courses in Computer Science and Postgraduate Diploma Courses in Computer Science and Computer Applications.

The University Computer Center / Computer Science Department is presently housed in a building of area 6000 Sq. ft. The first floor of the building is constructed and ready (the ground floor is under reconstruction). 


Brief profile of Computer Centre & Department of Computer Science


Basic  Data


1. Initial year of establishment of the Computer Centre by the University : March 1989

2. Year of initial support by the UGC either for establishment of the new computer centre or  
    Strengthen the existing centre initially established by the University: 1989 vide its letter No. F- 55- 14/83( T-II) dated 20/01/1989.

3.  UGC approval letters no.  F.  55-14/83(T) Date: 11 Sept. 1986

4. Amount allocated- Rs. 14.0 Lacs sanctioned- Rs. 18,77,113.00, Utilized- Rs. 18,68,241.18 as on Sept 1986.

5. Department of Computer Science Stablished as a separate department in 2001 by State.


Staff Details:
            (a)        Teaching Staff
                              1.         Professor          -          one post (Vacant) 

                        2.         Lecturer            -          one post

             (b)        Technical Staff

                              1.         System Manager/System Engineer                 One Post (Vacant)
                        2.         Programmer                                              Two Post
                        3.         Computer Operator                                     Two post
                        4.         Computer Operator                                     Two post 
                        5.         Office assistance                                        One Post

Teaching  Profile

Name                                     Designation      Field of Specialization       Paper/Book Published.

Prof. Rajendra Prasad          Professor                                             


U.N.Tripathi                       Lecturer         Computer Science                 01
M.Sc. Ph.D.(Enrolled)               


Technical Staff Profile

Name                                     Designation      Field of Specialization       Paper/Book Published.

S.N.Pandey                       Programmer                                                   
M.Sc (Physics)  


S.P.Upadhyaya                   Programmer                                             01+01
D. Banerjee                       Comp. Operator

P.K.Singh                          Comp. Operator               


Syed Ehsan Ullah                Key Punch Operator


Sanjay Verma                    Key Punch Operator

Present Teaching Activities:
               (a)        PGDCS Since 1987 ( Postponed Now)
            (b)        B.Sc. Computer Science since 1996 
            (c)        M.Sc. Computer Science since 2004 ( Postponed Now)
            (d)        PGDCA since 2004 ( Postponed Now)
Besides these an B.A./B.Sc. ( Computer Application is also running in different affliated colleges in which  a subject of Computer Application  can be opt by the students, under the BOS of Computer Science Department( brief description of the syllabus  is given later)

Intake of Students
               (a)        PGDCS (one year PG Diploma course) 40 seats
            (b)        B.Sc. Computer Science (three year degree course) 40 seats
            (c)        M.Sc. Computer Science (Two years PG course) 20 seats
            (d)        PGDCA (One year PG Diploma course) 40 seats

Present Facilities

            (a)        Buildings

                        (i) Ground Floor( Under Reconstruction)
                                    1.         One  lab sufficient for 20 systems.
                                    2.         one class room for 30 students
                                    3.         One seminar room for 30 persons.
                                    4.         Four faculty rooms
                                    5.         One office
                                    6.         One staff room
                       (ii) First Floor

                                             1. One  lab sufficient for 40 systems.
                                    2. one lab  for electronics (Proposed) sufficient for 10 studnets
                                    3. Two class room for  40 students each
                                    4.One class room for 20 students
                                    4. Four faculty rooms
                                    5. One office
                                    6. One staff room
            (b)        Hardware
                        High End Servers                      02

                        Pentium IV                               20
                        Intel Celeron                            04

                        6-P Laser Printer                       01
                        UPS On Line (5 KVA)                  01

            (c)        Software
                        1.         Basic compiler
                        2.         HICALC
                        3.         Hindi editor
                        4.         Pascal compiler
                        5.         COBOL compiler
                        6.         LIST compiler
                        7.         FORTRAN - 77 compiler
                        8.         UNIBASE
                        9.         Turbo C++ 3.1
                        10.       Turbo Pascal 7.0


Departmental Library:  Deaprtment has its own library also in which approx. 250  reputed & useful books are                                                     available for staff & students.


Details of Different Courses & Computing facility under the Department of Computer Science & Computer Center


Courses : 

(a) M.Sc. (Computer Science) : A two year post Graduation programme in computer science run by the department.

(b) B.Sc. Computer Science :    A three year degree course  run by the Department.

(c) P.G. Diploma Course : 
                                                         1. A one year Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science run by the Department.
                                                         2. A one year Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application run by the Department.

(d) Short Term Courses : 
 B.Sc. Home Science : Two month computer course comprising of fundamental of computers, operating system and word processing.

(e) Computer awareness/ Literacy Courses :

     (i) Computer centre has conducted two months computer awareness programme for university office staff during 1998.
     (ii) Computer Centre has organised two month computer programe for MBA students during 1998-1999. 
     (iii) An office automation course is organised for B.Com. (vocational) students during 1998-2000. 
     (iv) Computer Centre  has assisted in lab work for B.Sc.(Home Sceience) and B.Lib students.
     (v) Computer Centre  has assisted in computer training  to participant of Orientation courses organised by Academic Staff College

(f) Designing and Software Development : 
The computer centre has developed and designed the following softwares for the university :

                        (i) B.Ed. Examination Evaluation System.
                        (ii) Library Data Base Management.
                        (iii) PF Data Base Management
                        (iv) Evaluation of various Post Graduate results.


Some Acheivements of Departments:

  • Every Year a major part of students after passing B.Sc. III has got selected in different professional courses in reputed organizations, for example every year  approx. 2-5 students get admission in BHU M.Sc. ( Computer Science), some of our students has  got high rank in CAT examinations & they are pursuing  their  PG courses in reputed institutes..  Some of students passed from here also pursuing research in different areas of IT & Computer Science e.g.   students passed from here pursuing their work in Bioinformatics in Allahabad University.
  • Some of our students are working in reputed organizations like IBM , HCL, Reliance , DLF etc.

Brief Detail  of Courses

M.Sc. Computer Science

A two year post graduate programme is designed keeping in the mind the changing trends and advances in Information technology. This course builds the desirable characteristics of professional computing, skilled in various aspects of computers. We have identified these characteristics to be the following:
* Communication Skill
   Knowledge of computers consisting of 
            * Programming languages - C, C++, Java, VC++, Assembly language, PL/SQL
            * Networking and Internet
            * Operating System
            * RDBMS
            *  Data Structure and Algorithm Design
            * Microprocessors and Micro controllers
            * Satellite and mobile Communication
            * Compiler Design

Strict standards would be maintained, to ensure quality to enable such standards to be maintained, without undue hardship to the students, multiple facilities are provided.

Eligibility Criteria :
B.Sc  computer science as a subject  OR  B.Sc. with physics, maths and one year P.G. Diploma in computer Science/Application from any recognised University will get admission in M.Sc. (CS) course.

Theory Papers:

Ist Semester      

(i)       Advance Programming in 'C'

(ii)      Discrete Mathematical Structure

(iii)       Microprocessors & Microcontrollers

(iv)     Operating System


IInd  Semester

(i)         Design and Analysis of Algorithm

(ii)        Advance Database Management System

(iii)       Computer Graphics & Animation

(iv)       Data Communication and Computer Networks


IIIrd  Semester

(i)         Software Engineering

(ii)        Compiler  Construction & Design

(iii)       Interface Programming

(iv)       Any one of the following  

            (1) Internetworking Technology
            (2) Embedded System Design
            (3) Parallel Processing
            (4) Unix & Shell Programming
            (5) Satellite & Mobile communication
               (6) Artificial Intelligence & Expert System           


B.Sc. Computer Science

 A three years degree course with following combinations :
* Physics, Maths, Computer Science
* Maths, statistics, Computer Science


Eligibility Criteria : Intermediate /10+2 from any recognised board with Physics and maths.



Theory Papers:


B.Sc. I Year    

I Paper  :   Introduction to Computer & Programming

II Paper : Fundamental of Digital Electronics and Computer  Organization

III Paper: Operating System Concepts


B.Sc. II Year

I Paper  : Introduction to Data Structure  & Algorithm

II Paper :Discrete Mathematics

III Paper: Numerical and Statistical Analysis 


B.Sc. III Year

I Paper  : Computer Architecture & Microprocessors

II Paper : Introduction to Database Management System

III Paper: Object Oriented System

IV Paper: Data Communication & Computers Networks


Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (P.G.D.C.A.)

This one year (under self finance scheme) flexible course is designed keeping in mind the changing requirements of the students who want to shift from other disciplines to computers. This course builds the required characteristics of general computing professional, skilled in various aspects of computers. Standards has been maintained to improve the teaching and practical facilities.


Eligibility Criteria : Graduation in any discipline.


Theory Papers:

1st Semester

(i)         Introduction to Computers & Operating System

(ii)          Programming in 'C' with Data Structure.

(iii)       Modern Office Management                                                                               

2nd  Semester

(i)         Database Management System & Applications using Foxpro

(ii)        Data Communication & Network Management

(iii)       Internet & Web Technologies      



Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (P.G.D.C.S.)

            This one-year (under self-finance scheme) Diploma course running under this department since 1987. This course builds the required characteristics of general computing professional, skilled in various aspects of computers. Standards has been maintained to improve the teaching and practical facilities.

Eligibility Criteria : B.Sc. with physics, maths.
Theory Papers:

1st Semester 

(i)         Fundamentals of Computers and Operating system

(ii)        Data Structures using 'C'

(iii)       Unix and Shell Programming                                                                              


2nd  Semester
                        Compulsory Theory Papers:

                                       (i)         Object Oriented System

                               (ii)        Computer Network


                   Optional Theory Papers
                   Any one of the following:

                                        1. Database Management System & Application Using Foxpro
                                        2. Visual BASIC
                                        3. Computer Graphics
                                        4. System Analysis and Design
                                        5. Modern Office Management


Syllabus of B.A./B.Sc.( Computer Application)


B.A./B.Sc. I Year    (effective from 2008-09)

I Paper  : Introduction to Computer & Operating System

II Paper : Programming in 'C'

III Paper: PC Software and Applications


B.A./B.Sc. II Year (effective from 2009-10)

I Paper  : DataBase Management System & Applications

II Paper : Object Oriented Programming

III Paper: Computer Organisation


B.A./B.Sc. III Year (effective from 2010 -11   )

I Paper  :  Data Communication and Network Management

II Paper :  Internet & Web Technologies

III Paper:  Programming with Visual Basic                      

IV Paper: System Analysis & Design