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Department of Medieval & Modern History

Name of Department: History
1 Year of Establishment of Dept 1958  
2 Head of Department  Prof. Nidhi Chaturvedi
3 Total Sanctioned Teaching Posts  Professors(O) Professors (CAS) Associate Professor    Assistant Professor    PDF JRF
  12 2   4 6    
4 Presently Working (Number Only) Professors(O) Professors (CAS) Associate Professors   Assistant Professors   PDF JRF
      5   2   10
    Courses Seats Admitted GC OBC SC  ST  *Minority
5 Courses Available 1 B.A.              
    2 M.A. (2016-2017) 120 105 18 54 31 2 2
    3 Ph.D               
    4 Diploma in               
6 Major Achievements of the Department in Last Five Years 1 Conducted workshop
  2 Conducted Lecture Series
  3 Conducted Refresher Course
7 Future Plans [Next Three Years]  1   To conduct Seminar
  2   To conduct Refresher Course
  3   To conduct Lecture Series
  4   Academic Activities of Research Scholors and Post Graduate Students
8 Faculty Details** SN Name  Mobile Specialization   Email
    1 Prof. A. K. Srivastava 9.79E+09 Medieval  
    2 Prof. H. Chaturvedi 9.42E+09 Modern
    3 Prof. (Smt.) N. Chaturvedi 9.45E+09 Modern
    4 Prof. M S T Tripathi 9.42E+09 Medieval
    5 Prof. C. B. Gupta 9.42E+09 Modern
    6 Dr. S. L. Srivastava 9.42E+09 Medieval
    7 Dr. M. Tiwari 9.42E+09 Modern
** Please Add the number of rows and sheets if needed.
* 2. Muslims, Sikhs, Parsi are Minority communities. Rows can be added for more information. 
  1 Post in Associate Professor is specialised (Nepal Histroy)
  1 Post in Professor is specialised (Econamic History)