Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur

Marching Towards Excellence

Department of Psychology

About the Department

The department was amongst the first P.G. departments to be established in this university in September 1957 with only three faculty members. Since then a number of faculty members of international and national repute have served the department. Some of them are- Prof. M.M. Sinha, Prof. B.L. Bharadwaj, Prof. L.B.Tripathi, Prof. G.D. Rastogi, Prof. J.N. lal, Prof. Girishwar Mishra, Prof. Adesh Agrarwal, Prof. A.K. Saxena, Prof. B.D. Tiwari, Prof. Babban Mishra and Prof. N.K.M. Tripathi. The department was granted the status of Special Assistance (DSA) by UGC in 1988-89 under the dynamic leadership of Prof. L. B. Tripathi and had completed its all three phases by the year 2009. In the year 2005, the department was granted the ASIHSS (Assistance for Strengthening Infrastructure in Humanities and Social Sciences) program by UGC which was also completed by the year 2010. In the year 2011, the department has been granted the ‘Centre of Excellence’ by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The department has collaborated with GFATM- Round 7, NACO, UPSACS and Tata Institute of Social Sciences from 2009-2015 and established a counseling center to provide training to HIV/AIDS/STI counselors recruited by U.P. government.

The department regularly organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, symposia and refresher courses. The department has pioneered in publishing psychology text books in Hindi language. The faculty members had authored reference books in English language and also contributed chapters in different books of psychology. The total numbers of books authored by faculty members had reached to twenty five so for. Our students have qualified UGC NET/JRF, SLET, ICSSR & UGC post-doctoral and other fellowships as well as different competitive exams taking psychology as a subject.

About the Subject

Amongst the disciplines of social sciences, Psychology is the most sought after course because of its greatest contribution in each and every sphere of life as the subject matter of psychology is human behavior. The subject enables students to understand their surroundings both physical and socio-cultural. Psychologists are interested in how people cognize, feel, and act at individual, interpersonal and group level. We aspire to provide students with thorough practical and theoretical knowledge, professional and research skills, to facilitate them to become an effective psychologist and inculcate values in them to be constructive personal/social change agents in community and society. Psychologists perform diverse roles as teacher, researcher, service provider, administrator, and consultant. They work in many different work places like universities and colleges, elementary and secondary schools, technical institutes, hospitals, mental health care centres, human service agencies, business and industrial organizations, mental health care centres, NGO and government sectors etc.

Courses offered

Undergraduate course-The department of psychology offers 3 year degree course based on the annual system. A total of seven theory papers namely, basic psychological processes, environmental psychology, social psychology, psychological statistics, and history of psychology, psychopathology and life span development psychology along with practicum (lab experiment and psychological testing) have been taught.

Postgraduate course- The department of psychology offers four semester two years degree course. The first, second and third semesters have total twelve theory papers with special emphasis on cognitive psychology, social and applied social psychology, neurophysiology, personality, affective and motivational processes, life span development and research methodology. Apart from the two compulsory papers, namely, psychological assessment and environmental psychology, in the forth semester the students are offered the elective papers, where they can choose any two papers of their choice from the following- psycho diagnostic and therapeutic, organizational behavior, health psychology, counseling, human resource management and stress management as paper third and fourth. The fifth paper in every semester is practicum (e.g. lab experiment, field study, writing a research proposal and dissertation).

Infrastructure available in the Department

The department is equipped with certain basic facilities like its own space, laboratory, instruments, and library facilities-

  • Air Conditioned Library with more than five thousand books both basic classic books and recent books and journals
  • Separate equipped labs for U.G. and P.G. classes
  • Standardized Psychological testing tools (e.g. Intelligence tests, Aptitude tests, Ability test, Personality tests etc.)
  • Air Conditioned Training Hall equipped with Audio-visual aids.
  • Smart class and Cognitive Lab
  • Air Conditioned Conference Room equipped with Audio-visual aids.
  • Well furnished Counseling room

Future Plans

The department fulfils the necessary requirements for the UGC Advance Study Centre. Department will also develop an assessment and evaluation centre for guidance and counselling and a counselling cell for university students. Efforts are also been carried out to develop a centre for communication skills and sensitivity training for HRM and HRD students.