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Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University,Gorakhpur
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Deen Dayal Upadhaya Gorakhpur University

Department of Zoology

The Department came into existence with the establishment of the Faculty of Science in this University in 1958 under the academic leadership of Prof. H. S. Chaudhary, as first Professor and Head.

The Department is positively contributing by intensifying its research activities on applied programmes related to the needs of the region and countrys overall welfare, such as those in the areas of control of pests, fishery development and environmental biology. The Department is fortunate in having a good number of experts, many of whom have collaborated with eminent biologists in laboratories abroad, viz. Prof. C.P.M. Tripathi, Head of the Department, obtained Full Bright and Royal Society Fellowships for Post Doctoral research work in U. S. A. and U. K. respectively on the aphid kairomones attracting the parasitoids. Aphidology researches (Biological Control of aphids by using their natural enemies) carried out by Prof. C.P.M. Tripathi has won international laurels to the Department. Prof. C.P.M. Tripathi participated in 10th International Congress of Ecology, INTECOL 10th Ecology in a Changing Climate in 2009 at Brisbane, Australia. He also visited Friffith University, Brisbane. Prof. Tripathi has also edited the book Biodiversity and Environmental Management. Prof. V. B. Upadhyays silkworm laboratory is one of the leading laboratories where basic studies on the silkworm are being carried out.

He has worked on the role of ecological factors, static magnetic field, phytoecdysteroid and photojuvenoid on the performance of Bombyx mori. Prof. D. K. Singh is actively engaged in the study of molluscan physiology, biochemistry and snail control over the last three decades. He has successfully isolated and identified pure molluscicidal several compounds from more than three dozen medicinal plants and observed their mode of action on the snails at cellular level. His work is recognized internationally in the field of formulation and use of synthetic and bio-pesticides for integrated vector management. Prof. Singh has published 110 full research papers and seven review article in 52 journals of International repute. Prof. D.K. Singh is currently, working on the pesticidal properties of the different formulations of cow urine of Indian cow breeds in collaboration with of Dr. Vinay Kumar Singh. Prof Singh has the honor to be on the referee panel for the award of third World Academy Award Sponsored by TWA, Italy. His exepertization for controlling the snails has been utilized by the scientific bodies of Philippines and African countries. Prof. Singh has research collaborations on fascioliasis control programme with Prof. Santiago-Mascoma, Valencia University Spain. Dr. Ajay Singh has established himself Internationally in the field of formulation and use of biopesticides against harmful snails and weed fishes by studying molluscan physiology, biochemistry and snail control over the last 24 years. He has successfully isolated and identified several compounds from medicinal plants and observed their mode of action on the snails, fishes and mosquito larvae at cellular level. His work is recognized Internationally in the field of formulation and use of synthetic and biopesticides for integrated vector management. Dr. Ajay Singh has active collaboration for mosquito control with U.P. Govt. Malaria Department.

Dr. B. A. Ansari is working with the toxic effects of pesticides on the developmental programming and biodiemecal parameters in various tissues of Zebra fish. Nine of his research papers are cited in the bibliography prepared by UNEP on the toxicological effects on Zebra fish. Currently his research team is engaged in the study of enzymes of oxidative stress with special reference of pesticides. Dr.(Mrs.) V.B. Kushwaha is working on controlled/sustained release of biologically active compounds from synthetic as well as natural polymeric matrices. She is also working on isolation of active components from medicinal plants to study their toxicological and pharmacological activities against mammals. Dr. R. K. Upadhyay is actively engaged in the isolation, purification and production of polyclonal antibodies against animal toxins. Presently he is also working on immuno cytochemical localization of cholesterol binding proteins in insects, anti- microbial activity of plant extracts and termite control. Dr. P. H. Pathaks interest of research is the role of non-host plant volatiles on physiology, behaviour and reproduction of economically important predators of insect pest. He is also working on the role of volatiles on insect predators and their uses in biological control programme. Dr. S.K. Tiwari is investigating the effects of many insecticidal agents (organochlorines, organophosphates, synthetic pyrethroids and a few natural plant products) on the ontogeny as well as the biochemical constituents in various tissues of the larva and adult of C.cephalonica. Currently, he is engaged in synergistic action of insecticides and hormones for the effective control of stored cereal pest. Dr. S. K. Srivastava is doing research on different calcium regulating hormones and their effect on reproductive physiology of vertebrates. At present he is actively engaged in investigating toxic effects of microcystins on the endocrine system of the vertebrates. Dr. Vinay Kumar Singh is currently working on the vector borne diseases in Northern part of India. He has successfully isolated and identified pure molluscicidal compounds from more than a dozen of medicinal plants. He is member of Editorial Board of the International Scientific Journal of American Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Research J of Parasitology, J of Pharmacology & Toxicology, Research J Environmental Toxicology and International J of Zoological Research. Dr. Keshav Singhs research interest is in the area of biopesticides and vermibiotechnology. He has successfully used different combinations of biofertilizers on the production of pulses and cereal crops. He has also conducted farmers awareness programmes on the successful use of biofertilisers.

The Department has produced 1842 research papers, most of them published in worlds most widely circulated international journals with high impact factors. Both the academic staff and the research students have actively participated in more than 156 national and international conferences. 272 students have been awarded Ph.D. degree in Zoology from this department. Two students have been awarded D.Sc. degree in Zoology. Eight text books on Physiology and Biochemistry, Economic Zoology, Toxicology, Animal Behaviour, Fish & Fisheries and a monograph on Fishes of Eastern Uttar Pradesh have been published by the members of the Department. The Hindi version of Dr. V. B. Upadhyays, book on Economic Zoology is a notable step in promoting the cause of science in national language at the University level.

Teachers of the Department have successfully completed more than 178 research project, funded by various agencies, viz CSIR, UPCST, UGC, ICAR, DBT, DST, DOE, etc. At present, investigations on ten research projects, financed by Central (CSIR, DST and UGC) and State (UPCST) agencies are in progress. At present Six Post Doctoral Fellow are working in the department, out of which two have received UGC-DS Kothari Post Doctoral Fellowship.

The department successfully conducted five Refresher Course in Zoology for University and college teachers. The department has signed M.O.U with Vivekanand Parvitiya Anushandhan Sansthan, a prestigious recognized research institute of ICAR, New Delhi, for mutual research collaborations.

Honourable Chancellor

Shri Ram Naik

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Prof. V. K. Singh

Vice Chancellor

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